Hey there! My name is Raja and I'm a software developer. I am a fourth year student at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University in a double degree program. I enjoy going to hackathons and I occasionally write - click below to go to my blog or my Medium page.

Work Experience

I've gotten to work at a couple of cool places over the years, check them out!

Software Engineer Intern at Lending Loop

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lending Loop is the first (and only!) regulated peer-to-peer lending platform in Canada. As a Software Engineer Intern, I am currently working on an internal tool built in Python with Django.

Product Manager Intern at Vidyard

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Vidyard is the video layer of the internet. As a Product Manager Intern, I worked with engineers on different projects (the biggest one being a remodel of our system notification architecture which reduced the time required to send a system notification by over 50%), analyzed a lot of data and prepared reports with HEAP and Periscope and wrote product briefs.
The tools I used include Sequel Pro, Periscope Data, Heap Analytics and Jira

Software Engineer Intern at ATRIO

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA
Atrio is a Microsoft Gold partner that specializes in offering custom CRM solutions and consulting. I got the opportunity to work with clients in developing custom CRM software, create an official Atrio product that is being sold to clients, and even got to create a couple of product demos.
The tools I used include C#, JavaScript, Scribe, SQL and PowerBI.

Technical Analyst at RBC

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
RBC is Canada's largest bank (by annual revenue) and I worked in the Risk Management division. I was working on a stress testing tool that calcuated potential losses for RBC if a financial crisis was to occur (ex. recession).
The tools I used include VBA, Excel and SQL.


  • Blok.it

    Winner of the QHacks #HackHarassment award by MLH
    Chrome Extension that blocks any web content considered to be offensive or hateful. Check it out on the Chrome store here

  • Attention Seeker

    Honourable Mention at Hack The 6ix
    Instagram Tool that analyzes a user and his/her followers' activity to determine the best time to post a picture and receive the most likes. Check out the GitHub repo here

  • deSNAP

    Android app that allows users to send pictures to each other confidentially. Includes features like the ability to scan QR codes to add other users. Check out the GitHub repo here

  • Pokemon Evo

    PokeDex-like Python Flask app. Check out the GitHub repo here

  • PackBuddy

    Travel companion that helps you decide which souvenirs to keep when short on luggage space. Check out the Github repo here


I like to write stuff sometimes. Check out my blog below.
I also occasionally write on Medium.